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Moonstruck Design

Scenic Route Necklace

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My grandfather used to say, “Don’t go back the same way you came.”  Meaning: it keeps the views different, fresh.  I come from a long line of travelers. Generations of people with wanderlust. I wish I’d been to half of the places my grandparents explored around the world, but all in good time. I take long drives pretty seriously, I treasure my fresh views, and I collect rocks from, well, everywhere. 

This stone was the initial inspiration behind the blossoming landscape collection. It reminded me of a view from the road in Montana, or Colorado, or New Mexico…

A polychrome jasper gemstone pendant is set in sterling silver and finished with a mid-weight sterling silver paperclip chain. Select your preferred length. 

Necklace comes boxed and packed with care. Polishing square and jewelry care card included. 

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