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Moonstruck Design

Power and Light Pendant Necklace

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A large rainbow moonstone oval is set in sterling silver and suspended from a slate gray adjustable leather lace*. Sterling slide allows for maximum adjustability from 16-30 inches. This particular piece of moonstone appears to have a jagged lighting bolt pattern within, and is echoed on the reverse plate in textured sterling silver. 

The lightning bolt symbolizes sudden enlightenment and the destruction of ignorance. In the realm of dreams, it represents intuition. While it can sometimes have a negative implication, many view lightning as a force that frees the soul. Representing both power and light, the lightning bolt serves as an emblem of one's inner strength.

I’m all for destroying ignorance and celebrating inner strength!

Necklace comes boxed and packed with care. Polishing square and jewelry care card included. 

*this piece would also look great with silver chain. Contact me for alternative options! 

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