My name is Erika Lynden, owner of Moonstruck Design. Creating wearable art came to me later in life, after going through a period of self-discovery. I was inspired by the world around me—specifically, nature and all its magnificence. I found myself drawn to precious, semi-precious, and organic gemstones, not just for their beauty, but for their connection to the earth. My designs take cues from nature; I focus on the texture, movement, and light in each piece.

I travel whenever possible, to connect with different cultures. There is magic in the way people use their surroundings to survive and grow. Sometimes, Inspiration is only as far as my own backyard, which also stirs my creativity, reminding me to see what is right in front of me. On a clear night, the moon shining through the trees brings me the greatest serenity, and my gratitude is at its deepest.

My studio is a place of peace for me and my two assistants–Talia the fox red lab, who is a calming, gentle presence, and Kyra Pearl the black lab puppy, named for her dark hair and my favorite organic gem.  Our Wake Forest home, which I share with my fiancé Adam, is located on the edge of a state park. 

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