Honoring the amethyst crystal energy

The Magical Journey with Amethyst: A Tale of Color, Creativity, & Connection

As a child, the color purple was not just a color to me; it was an obsession, a passion that filled my world with vibrant hues and endless fascination. This passion led me to discover amethyst, a magical purple stone that sparked something deep within me, unleashing my inner rock hound. My youthful days were spent riding my bike to local gem shows, where I eagerly exchanged my allowance for tumbled amethyst nuggets, filling my pockets and my room with their captivating energy.


This enchantment with amethyst was more than just an attraction to its color. There was an undeniable energy to these stones, a powerful draw that I couldn't resist. My family, rich in February birthdays, introduced me to the elegance and beauty of amethyst jewelry. The elder ladies in my family, adorned with stunning amethyst cocktail rings, were my first glimpse into the world of precious stones. One ring, in particular, captivated my heart: a pale amethyst oval cut, set in a platinum art deco setting, once belonging to my great aunt Mildred and later, my mother. It was more than a piece of jewelry; it was a piece of history, a connection to the adventurous spirits of the women in my family.


As time passed, my favorite color may have shifted from purple to blue, but my connection to amethyst remained unbroken. Now, as an adult and a jewelry maker, I find myself still deeply connected to this magical stone. Creating jewelry with amethyst allows me to blend my passion for creativity with the values of connection, balance, and adventure that I hold dear. These values, reminiscent of Moonstruck's brand ethos, are woven into every piece I create, celebrating the stories and journeys that shape us.


February holds a special place in my heart, not just for the birthdays of my loved ones but for marking my own personal journey towards sobriety. Known as the 'sobriety stone,' amethyst has taken on a new meaning in my life. Celebrating nearly 14 years of sober living, I am reminded of the profound impact these stones have had on my journey. They are not merely beautiful objects but guides, urging me to pay closer attention to the messages they carry.


Reflecting on this journey, I realize that my love for amethyst was never just about the color. These stones have been my companions through life's adventures, embodying the creativity, balance, and connection that define my path. They remind me of the importance of cherishing the moments, the connections, and the stories that shape our lives.


In sharing this tale, I hope to inspire others to find their own guides, their own sources of creativity and balance. Whether through the beauty of a stone, the craft of jewelry making, or the journey toward personal milestones, there is magic to be found in the connections we forge and the adventures we embark upon. Let us embrace these moments, for they are the true treasures of our lives.

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