Welcome to 2023 (Better late than never, right?)

Here we are at the end of January, and I’m just getting my thoughts together. Honestly, I feel like I’m still recovering from 2022. Anyone else? Because 2022 kicked my arse—down the stairs, out the door, and off a cliff. I rounded out the year with deeply rooted exhaustion. In other words, my “got up and go” got up and went.

But then, one day, as I sat and wallowed in a mucky swamp of defeat (mixed with an utter lack of inspiration), I decided to change my approach. I realized that feeling of defeat was something I manifested. Sure, I was worn down and sapped of all energy, but now I understood why.

I did too much. And they were not bad things; I had simply overextended myself.

And right at the top of that list is…

We got a puppy and named her Kyra Pearl. She was a small, floppy, and adorable black labrador. 

And then she was a hurricane. Need I say more?

It didn’t stop there, though. My dad was hit with a mystery illness. Not one doctor could identify it, let alone cure it. At one point, I honestly thought I was going to lose him.

Then there was a wedding. Not mine, but one I had been looking forward to. But Covid raged on. A hurricane tore through, leaving a path of destruction. And so finally, a rescheduled wedding date.

Now as I sit in my studio, grateful for this little space where I find peace and play with rocks, I can appreciate these periods of challenge. It’s easy to feel defeated, and we can choose to give up, or we can have another go ‘round. Exhaustion can be overwhelming, but what about when it rewards you in the end?

As it turns out, Kyra calmed down (mostly) and is a happy, loving dog.

My dad miraculously recovered, and we recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

The wedding, rescheduled, was beautiful, and fun, and we had an amazing time.  

I learned that I need to listen to my body, and know when it’s time to slow down.


I saved the best for last–my kiddo graduated college, moved south to be near us, and got his first full-time job in his chosen career.

This year, I’m taking it slow. I am designing with intent as I learn new techniques and incorporate them into my work. I am enjoying a more minimalist approach to my art, which I have begun to mimic in my daily life.


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