Just A Phase

Just A Phase

It’s just a phase…

When I was young, I heard adults use this phrase regularly. Whether they were discussing their own children or their friends’ kids, there it was, always the explanation for one or more of us being…different. 

Moon phases watercolor

But haven’t we all gone through phases? Isn’t life about learning, adapting, and growing, all of which take us down new paths as we explore ourselves and the world around us? 

Think about the moon. Each night, it appears, sharing its light with us, casting a glow across our homes, our fields, our sidewalks, our cities, our towns, and if we are outside looking up, our own faces. The moon we see one night, is not the same one we see the next night, or the next. She is an ever-moving orb, spinning and circling constantly around us, slow enough to appreciate her beauty, but fast enough to reveal a different side of her each evening. 

Quarter moon watercolor

But she is not just beauty. She is power, controlling the mighty oceans’ tides as she cycles through her phases. Sailors depend on her to navigate the waters of the earth. At the same time, she provides a gentle light for all the nocturnal creatures roaming the earth, both human and animal. Sometimes, she dares to cross the sun, casting darkness dramatically across the earth.

Waxing crescent moon watercolor

Each month, without fail, a new moon is born, bringing forth a time introspection and new beginnings. And with each new beginning, comes inevitable phases of growth as we wander through new discoveries, lightness and darkness, strength, and sometimes, weakness. 

Crescent moon watercolor

We are the moon and she is us as we continue to move through phases of transformation and discovery. 

New moon watercolor

Inspired by the moon, my new collection of jewelry is meant to represent all that we are as humans. We are vessels of change, be it intentional, serendipitous, or unexpected. 

Moonstone and sterling earrings Moonstone point focal stretch bracelet Crescent moon earrings

“I’m finally waking up…I’m trying to evolve” -Ani DiFranco

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