How water has inspired my work:

How water has inspired my work:

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.” Hermann Hesse

Nature exists in all my work, influenced by colors and light, texture and patina, weather changes and terrain. My jewelry can be found at the intersection of both our visual and tactile worlds, influenced not only by our physical surroundings, but by the senses that are aroused by their beauty.  

During the course of my somewhat nomadic life, I have always found myself living on/near water. From two Great Lakes and the mighty Niagara, to the rivers of Pittsburgh and Germany, to coastal Carolina’s lowlands, marshes, tides and storms, and finally, a small North Carolina lake whose morning stillness takes my breath away. 

Watching the sunlight dance and sparkle on water is a catalyst for  creativity. Shorelines of shale and slate reveal layers of a long life, aging gracefully. The power and grace of waterfalls cascading downward are inspiration for earrings and necklaces encapsulate the movement of water.  My hammered jewelry emulates the unique textures created by water eroding rock. 

In addition to the texture and movement of aquatic inspiration, there is color. Gemstones that mimic the colors of our lakes and rivers resonate deeply with me: the cool blues ranging from deep and dark to softer, warmer aqua tones. Some are clear like Ontario and some murky like the Mosel. A shallow Canadaway Creek can pull turquoise and earthy hues. Erie, the giver of powerful storms and achingly beautiful sunsets will occasionally rest quietly, sending forth calm ripples sliding quietly onto the shore. 

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